Bugatti Builds 800hp Electric Hypercar?

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A source within Bugatti has reportedly confirmed to Auto Express that the company has built a purely electric powered hypercar. It is based on the chassis of sister company Bentley’s Continental GT, pumps out 800 horsepower, has twin-electric motors and generates 1,600 lb-ft of torque that is instantly available from any speed.

Currently undergoing testing, it is being used within the company to demonstrate the technology of what is possible with electric cars. No doubt, they’re working closely with Audi and their well received e-Tron concept vehicles.

Everyone knows Bugatti currently has their sights extremely focused on the future. The Veyron is closing in on the end of its production run, rumors of a 1,200 horsepowered ‘Super Veyron’ have resurfaced and the company is still debating whether or not to bring the 16C Galibier uber sedan concept to production. Could this electric beast end up to be another model in the works if consumer demand warrants such a vehicle? Ettore did it with the meant-to-be one-off Type 56 back in the ’30s.

Despite whatever happens with Bugatti’s experiment, we have no doubt we’ll see its successes filter down to Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi and even VW rather soon.

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