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Dozens Of Lamborghinis Cruise Through Rome

Lamborghini Day 2010, Rome, Italy

Italians take pride in their supercars. And between Ferrari and Lamborghini there is a lot to be proud of. Its no wonder then that when the Lamborghini Club of Italy gets together they dont just take their exotics to some race track. No, they dub it Lamborghini Day and parade them through the center of countrys capital city. What could be better? They had police escorts to do so! Certainly not how this would go down in a few other countries that come instantly to mind.

Despite the rain and gloom, more than 30 of SantAgatas finest showed up for the rally including a black Gallardo Valentino Balboni, a Murcielago SV, a couple Superleggera Gallardos, a late model Countach and even a rare Diablo GT (one of only 80 produced and sold exclusively in Europe).

Which model in Lamborghinis 40+ years of road cars would you have chosen to roll through Rome?

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