Jay Leno Brings Out His EcoJet To ‘All GM Show’

gm jay leno ecojet concept

This past weekend saw a multitude of car shows across the country. One of which was the 10th Annual All GM Show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA. The park is home to a number of shows throughout the year and Jay Leno is rarely a stranger to any of them. And as it was a collaboration between Leno and General Motors, he decided to bring out the EcoJet for yesterday’s show.

Powered by a Honeywell LT 101 jet engine, the turbine runs on both biodiesel and JP-4 jet fuel (stored separately in tanks on each side of the vehicle), provides roughly 650 horsepower and sounds truly awesome. Fortunately, we caught up with Jay just as he fired up the EcoJet and drove off.

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