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Mercedes-Benz C111 Concept Attempted Robbery

Mercedes-Benz C111 Concept

According to a source at Mercedes-Benz, a ring of thieves targeted the C111 Concept as it sat in its delivery truck waiting to cross the Channel Tunnel into England. Despite being thwarted, the attack left significant damage to one of the gullwing doors and front wing. The company has luckily been able to repair the damage and the C111 is now on display at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands.

Obviously clueless, these thieves didnt realize that this particular C111, one of many created by Mercedes-Benz in the 1960s and 70s as test beds for future technology, did not contain an engine and would have made an escape with the car extremely difficult.

Everything from Wankel rotary engines to diesels and turbocharged gasoline V8s were fitted to a number of C111 test beds as Mercedes-Benz experimented with various technologies throughout the years; which included revisiting the trademark gullwing door design. Starting with the Wankel in 69, the company turned to diesel and eventually the turbo-charged gasoline variants as they ruled each powertrain out for use in production models. Along with setting nine speed records in the process, the C111 program also broke the average lap-speed record at Nardo in 1979.

Were certainly happy to see this example safe and sound at its intended destination.

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