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Porsche Boss Confirms Upcoming Addition Of Ferrari-Fighter To Lineup

Sure, Ferrari has had the thorn of Lamborghini in its side since the late ’60s, but with the powerhouse that is Porsche, it is a bit mind boggling the only real competition the German automaker has ever put up against the Prancing Horse was back with the Carrera GT and way back with the 959.

While hinted at before, Porsche boss Matthais Mueller has now confirmed the company will be adding a new model into the mix slotting in between the 911 GT2 and forthcoming 918 Spyder to give Ferrari a run for its money. MSRP for the Ferrari-fighter is expected to range from roughly $360,000 to $580,00.

This is definitely good news. My only hesitation from getting too excited, however, comes with the thought of which model in Ferrari’s lineup are they intending to go after? With all the rumors and scuttlebutt of Porsche developing a next-generation 928 with a front-engined GT tourer, the company’s new model could simply be this vehicle with official word we are to take it as competition to Ferrari’s 599.

This better not be the case. When I think Ferrari-fighter, I think mid-engined, 2 seats (no 2+2), and ready for a track day. And while I’m very much looking forward to Porsche’s GT tourer, I’m just hoping its something else entirely to which Mr. Mueller is eluding.

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