Top 9 Reasons to Own a Home Security System

home security system

Home security systems have significantly developed in the past few years. New technology allows you to be more secure, and enjoy a more quality life experience. Compared to old traditional systems that were confusing or had minimal functions, our new technology and top quality equipment allows you to have full control of your system and all its features, keeping you connected to your home from anywhere at any time.

If you have been thinking about getting such purchase, here you can find 9 reasons why more and more people are getting a new security system every day.

  1. It’s always connected: having a system that it’s working at all times provides the protection you want for your family and your home. When an emergency takes place home security system has you covered. A notification it’s sent immediately to the monitoring station so they can respond to any situation: a break-in, a fire or a medical emergency. The information it’s also sent to your smartphone or tablet to let you know about the case that it’s taking place.
  2. Protect your home and your family: Did you know that homes without security systems are up to 3 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar? Lots of criminals will break into a house either knowing or not knowing if the members of the family are actually home. If a burglar enters a house expecting it to be empty and then find members of the family inside, then the possibilities of them reacting violently are higher. This modern device dispatches authorities in a matter of seconds when a break-in takes place. So you are protecting the most valuable asset you have, your family.
  3. Protect your home from fires: while heat detectors can be purchased without a security system, they won’t alert authorities when the family needs it most. Our electric heat detectors not only warn you and the monitoring station about the presence of smoke, but it can also alert in case of a new source of heat. Many times people will realize there’s a fire emergency when it is too late. Time is the most significant factor in any emergency outcome.
  4. Protect your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning: also named the silent killer, carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that can be released from charcoal, stoves or heating systems. Humans can’t detect the presence of carbon monoxide until it causes poisoning symptoms: headaches, chest pain, vomiting, nausea, confusion and dizziness. Having a carbon monoxide detector connected to our monitoring system will dispatch authorities and medical services in case needed. time is essential, the sooner people receive medical attention the less severe carbon monoxide symptoms will be.
  5. Save on insurance: most people don’t know that owning a functioning home security system provides them with a 10-20% discount on their insurance. So you are not only protecting your loved ones and your home, but also your economy.
  6. Save on energy bills: as the owner of a such system, you can have access to the complete control of the lighting and thermostat of your house. You can turn the lights on or off from your phone while still at work, or you can drop the temperature to save in energy bills.
  7. Having medical assistance available at all times: with only one button you can alert the medical emergency services in case they are needed. We love this feature for our elderly customers but also families with kids or individuals with special needs.
  8. You have remote access to your home: you can remotely monitor what’s happening in your house when you are not there. Cameras are activated by motion and you can also control the thermostat, door locks, lights or other devices in your home. You can arm or disarm your system from anywhere, and it will send you a reminder if you forget to lock the system before leaving home. With SkyBell you can actually see who is knocking at your door when you aren’t home and talk to them from your device in real time.
  9. Make your whole home smart: from smart thermostats, sky ball, cameras, garage doors, lighting, all you can possibly need to secure your house and family. You can control every device from your smartphone or laptop, making your every day more secure, smarter and more efficient!

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